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Beautiful Island of Korea , Dokdo

Government Management of Dokdo

Government Administration of Dokdo

  • As state-owned land, Dokdo is currently under the administration of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries,according to the government organizational reform of May 2013.
Government Administration of Dokdo-Date,
Date Government agency in charge of administration of Dokdo
1961. 4 State
(forest land register)
1968. 3 Korea Maritime and Port Administration
1971. 1 Ministry of Construction
1976.12 Port Administration
1985. 2 Korea Maritime and Port Administration
1996.11 Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
2008. 7 Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs
2013. 5 Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

< Sources: Certified copy of real estate register on the online real estate registration system of the Supreme Court of Korea ( >

Use and Management of Dokdo by Government Agency

>Use and Management of Dokdo by Government Agency-Related government ministry, Major duties
Related government ministry Major duties
Gyeongsangbukdo and Ulleung County
Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency
Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
  • Protection of Dokdo’s ecosystem pursuant to the Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo Island and establishment of master plans for the development of fishery resources
  • Rational management of facilities on Dokdo: docking facilities, residents’ living quarters, staffed lighthouse, etc.
Ministry of Environment
  • Conservation of Dokdo’s natural environment and ecosystem by designating it as a special island pursuant to the Special Act on the Preservation of the Ecosystems of Island Areas, Including Dokdo
Cultural Heritage Administration
  • Protection of Dokdo by designating the island as a natural protection zone pursuant to the Cultural Heritage Protection Act
Korea Coast Guard
  • Patrol of waters surrounding Dokdo and safety management of passenger vessels to Dokdo


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