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Beautiful Island of Korea , Dokdo

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Visiting Dokdo

Legal basis for entering Dokdo

Designated as Natural Monument No.#336 (official title: Dokdo Natural Preservation Zone) in 1982, Dokdo was subject to restricted access pursuant to Article 33 of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. However, of the two restricted areas (Dongdo and Seodo), Dongdo has been opened to civilian visitors who submit an application and obtain prior approval (new governmental orders as of Mar. 24, 2005)


  • In case of special purpose such as events, meetings, press, interviews, photography, research, accommodation, stay, etc., it is necessary to apply for the application by online or post 14 days prior to the deadline. Granulation may not be possible.
  • The availability of lounges depends on the local climate.

Entry Procedures

General perposes

  • Applicant

    Reservation by passenger

  • Passenger ship

    Collective screening for entering the island

  • Ulleung-gun

    Report to ship company

Special occasions

In case of entry to Dokdo for events, administration, academic purposes, police work, press etc. (However, foreign press must acquire the consent of the Cultural Heritage Administrator.)

  • Applicant

    Applicant form and report

  • Ulleung-gun

    Review permission to enter the island

  • Ulleung-gun

    Issue entrance permit

  • Cultural Heritage

    Review permission to enter the island

※ Application for admission to the disclosed areas on Dokdo must be submitted to Ulleung-gun County Office at least seven days prior to planned entry.


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