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Beautiful Island of Korea , Dokdo

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Dokdo in history

Year Korean era name Japanese era name Historical event Related sources
512 13th year of Silla King Jijeung’s reign   Ichan(伊?) Isabu (異斯夫) of Silla conquered Usan-guk (the State of Usan) in the 6th lunar month. Samguksagi Vol. 4, Sillabongi Vol. 4, Jijeung Maripgan 13th year
930 13th year of Goryeo King Taejo's reign   On the 15th day of 8th lunar month, two emissaries from Ureungdo, Baekgil and Todu, paid tribute to Goryeo in the form of local specialties. Samguksagi Vol. 44, Yeoljon
1425 7th year of King Sejong's reign   On the 8th day of 8th lunar month, Kim In-Woo was nominated by Joseon government as an official for managing Usando and Mureungdo. Sejongsillok (Annals of King Sejong), Vol. 30, 10th month of 7th year Eulyoojo
1499 5th year of King Yeonsan's reign   Usando and Ullengdo were marked in [Gangwon Province] in [Dongguk yeoji seungnam].  
1695   Original
Records 8
On the 24th day of 12th lunar month of Edo period, a questionnaire was sent regarding an existence of any affiliated islands belonging to Inaba(因幡)ㆍHoki(伯耆) in Dottori-bun other than Takeshima (Ulleungdo). It was related to registration of diagram. 御尋の御書付
    On the 25th day of 12th lunar month, Dottori-bun responded that Takeshima ㆍMatshushima were not islands that belonged to Inaba and Hoki. 竹島之書附
1696 22th year of King Sukjong's reign   On the 15th day of 5th lunar month, An Yong-Bok and other fishermen chased Japanese fishing boat off in Ulleungdo and stayed at anchor of Jasando (Dokdo).  
1849 15th year of King Heonjong's reign   On 27th day of the 1st lunar month, a French whaling ship called Liancourt found Dokdo. Named the island as Liancourt Rocks.  
1855 6th year of King Cheoljong's reign   In the 4th lunar month, a British fleet Hornet identified Dokdo and named it Hornet Rocks.  
1877   Myeongchi(明治) 10 On 29th day of 3rd lunar month, Iwakuradomomi (岩倉具視), a Japanese Taejeonggwan (太政官) Udaesin(右大臣), gave an order to the Department of Interior that Matshushima (Dokdo, 松島) as well as Takeshima (Ulleungdo, 竹島), which were constroversy in map publishing, did not belong to Japanese territory. Official Documents, Branch of Ministry of Home Affairs 1
1900 GWANGMU 4   On Oct. 25th, decree No. 41 was revised and declared during 4th year of GWANGMU. According to Article No. 2, Ulleung Jeondo, Jukdo and Seokdo became areas of jurisdiction of Uldo-gun. Official Gazette No. 1716 (October 27)
1905     On Dec. 22nd, then-governor Matsunaga Takeyoshi of Shimane in Japan made an announcement of Lancourt (Dokdo) was registered as their land according to Announcement No. 40 of Shimane. Shimane Prefecture Public Announcement No. 40
1906     In September, jurisdiction of Ulleungdo and Dokdo was transferred from Gangwon province to South Gyeongsang province. GAKGWANGCHALDOAN, Order No. 3
1946     According to SCAPIN Order 677 issued by GHQ, dated January 29th, a formal memorandum stating 'separation of islands around the Korean peninsula from Japan, politically and administratively' was used to separate Dokdo from Japan. SCAPIN 677
1954     On the 8th day of January, Korea installed a sign stating Dokdo as Korean territory.  
1973     Establishment of a comprehensive development plan of Dokdo  
1982     On Nov. 16th, Dokdo was designated as a natural monument No. 366, a breeding place for marine plants.  
2005     On May 18th, Korea enacted the Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo  
2010     Through 'Natural Ecosystem and Biological Diversity in Dokdo in 2009', six bird species (unrecorded) and ten species of insects (unrecorded) were found as of January in 2009.  


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